Trouble finding an Item you want to Value? Try our Search Tips!

Less is more

Try entering artist name and title in abbreviated form: do not enter all the artist name and title words: Use some keywords.

Remove any articles and prepositions from your search. Not all the sellers list their items using those!

For example:

You are searching for:
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis: Bold As Love (LP, Album, Mono)
We recommend you search for:
Hendrix Axis Mono

Another example:

You are searching for:
The Concert For Bangla Desh
We recommend you search for:
Concert Bangla Desh

Choose your Format by filtering after your Search

Try NOT to enter the format in your search: Vinyl, CD, LP, 45. Many items do not carry their format name on their title!

Instead, submit your search and apply a format filter to the results.

Filters appear at the left of the list of items on large screens, or at the end of the list of items on small screens:

Format Filter

No results found?

If you simplified your search text and still didn't get results, check and fix any typos on the text you entered to search for.

If there weren't any typos, try entering the simplified artist name only.

Maybe the title you are looking for is not in our archive: it could be very uncommon, or it could be worth very little, or it could enter our archive in a few days.

As a general rule, we archive Vinyl Record items sold for about $19 and above, Cassette tapes sold for about $9 and above, etc.

You can still find other titles by the same artist and get a feeling of the prices paid for items by that artist.

Too many results?

Once you get some results, try adding some more text to narrow down your search. You can add the country name where the item was released, or even the catalogue number.

This can lead you to get no results. Find a balance.

By default, the search is carried only at the item title. You can do the search at the items description too with our Advanced Search

Happy Searching!