About ValueYourMusic

ValueYourMusic DOES NOT SELL any items and is just a searchable archive of past auctions sales which can be used as a rough Price Guide for music artifacts.

The archive is updated with new sales and auctions every day.

The main formats we focus on are:

  • Vinyl Records
  • CD's
  • 78 rpm Shellac records
  • Cassettes
  • Reel-to-reel tapes
  • MiniDiscs
  • Digital Compact Cassettes (DCC)
  • Digital Audio Tapes (DAT)
  • DVDs
  • Blu-Rays
  • Memory Sticks
  • 8-Track cartridge tapes
  • 4-Track cartridge tapes
  • Playtapes
  • Phonographic Cylinders
and more.

You can help us keep a clean Database. Let us know and use Report Item or the Is this information accurate? buttons if you spot an item with any of these conditions:

  • Has wrong Format assigned
  • It's an ordinary and very common item but has sold for a ridiculously high price (it could be a fake auction)
  • Re-listing of an unpaid Item
  • It's not a Music Artifact
  • It's a Wholesale Lot
  • It's a Blank media

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