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4-Track cartridge: 4 Track Cartridge-Jimmy Reed-With More of The Best-1964-SEALED!

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24.99 USD
24.99 USD
28 Oct 2020
11 Apr 2020
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United States
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4-Track cartridge
United States
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4 Track Cartridge-Jimmy Reed-With More of The Best-1964-SEALED!


A mostly forgotten format of the late 1960's. They're often confused with 8 tracks, but they are very different. They have no wheel to advance the tape. The wheel is part of the machine to play the tapes. Many consider the 4 track design superior to the 8 track, but it didn't survive much past 1970.

Remember, 4 tracks CANNOT be played on 8 track players!

Jimmy Reed

With More Of The Best

(Vee-Jay/ITCC 20 1080)

This is an original US 4 track tape cartridge of the 1964 album!


Looks great, but the shrink is torn and there's a little wear.

Unfortunately, we no longer have our 4 track player, so we cannot test the tape.

Because of their age, ALL of our tapes are sold AS-IS with NO returns.

If you have any questions, please ask BEFORE bidding. Thanks!