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VHS Video: ID7884z - David Bowie - Jazzin' For Blue Jea - MVS 9900274 - VHS

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11 Jan 2021
09 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
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David Bowie
VHS Video
Picture Music International
Pop Rock
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ID7884z - David Bowie - Jazzin' For Blue Jea - MVS 9900274 - VHS
About this Item
The eBay subject title can sometimes cut off important information regarding item listing details. Below is a more detailed summary of this specific item for sale:

The item format is a Cassette VHS
The Artist Name is David Bowie
The Title is Jazzin' For Blue Jean

Condition Used
The Media Condition is Near Mint

This disk is a nearly perfect. It may have been been played only a few times. It should play perfectly,

The Sleeve Condition is Very Good Plus

The sleeve may have light wear on the edges or minor sleeve splits, it may have very light visible circle wear or light wear and some minor creasing. It could have, label wear, sellotape, stickers, writing, or other minor visible issues.

Other Comments
Video looks in MINT Condition - Cardboard Slip Case in Excellent Condition has a little wear around the edges Media Condition-Near Mint. Sleeve Condition-Very Good Plus.

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The Tracks of this item include:
1. Don't Look Down
2. Warsaw
3. Blue Jean

The image shown here is NOT an image of the actual item for sale. iHaveit have over 1million items for sale, for this reason we use stock images for reference purposes only, which may not be the same image representation of the item being sold. Please message me if you want to check and verify the image details.

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Location ID 7884z

iHaveit Internal Reference ID 62988954

Warehouse Reference Number 686087738