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Vinyl: Johan Sebastian Bach The Smithsonian Colection Vinyl 9 Records LP Box Set

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19.99 USD
19.99 USD
22 Jun 2022
17 Feb 2022
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United States
Johann Sebastian Bach
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Johan Sebastian Bach The Smithsonian Colection Vinyl 9 Records LP Box Set
This listing is fo r Johann Sebastian Bach The Smithsonian Collection Vinyl 9 Records LP Box Set
Included are:
The six Brandenburg Concerti
Six partitas for solo harpsichord
Six sonatas for violin and harpsichord and two sonatas for violin and basso continuo

All of the records are in great shape and rate VG+ or better in Goldmine. Each box set is complete. The boxes for the 3 set have some wear. The outer box has some wear and scuffing

I use strict goldmine grades and I don't just sell records I have a large collection of my own.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and do check out my other listings.

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