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Vinyl: PINK FLOYD "The Wall" PC2 36183 - 1979 Original Vinyl 2 LP Set Columbia NM-Mint

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279.00 USD
279.00 USD
12 Feb 2024
06 Feb 2024
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United States
Pink Floyd
United States
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For all the Pink Floyd fans out there, this is a rare opportunity to own an original 1979 first US vinyl pressing of the iconic album "The Wall." This 2 LP set with original Hype Sticker is in near-mint condition and comes with an orig. gatefold cover, custom lyric inner inlay (inner sleeve edge slits)and top-quality vinyl. The record label is Columbia and the catalog number is PC2 36183. The album features well-known tracks like "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Comfortably Numb" and represents the band's unique style and sound from the 1970s. This release is a first pressing and the cardboard sleeve is also in excellent condition. Don't miss out on this chance to own a piece of music history.
Matrix runout numbers:
PAL 36184-1C TML-X (side 1)
PBL 36184-1AB TML-M (side 2)
PAL 36185-1AB TML-S (side3)
PBL 36185-1AA. TML-X (side4)

The Mastering Lab Hollywood is one of the first independent mastering facilities in the world. Now located in Ojai, CA, the Mastering Lab remains a revolutionary state-of-the-art company, having earned itself more Grammy nominations for engineering than any other mastering facility. (Credit:

"He was the favorite lacquer cutting engineer for many recording artists back when recording artists usually didn't pay attention to such things. Among them are Pete Townshend and Roger Waters. If you look at an original Decca "Quadrophenia" or an original U.K. Track version, you'll see on both the famous TML (The Mastering Lab) stamp followed by a letter "M" for main, or "S" for "slave". "X" was the second slave lathe.‚Äč
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Really easy to check if you have a first issue of The Wall (for both US and UK issues): is the band credited in full on the inside cover or not? Thats really all you need to check, and as you mentioned, you dont see the other members' names so sounds good then. But lets make sure just in case: this is what a 2nd and later issue looks like : two bricks below where it says "Written by Roger Waters" youll see the list of Pink Floyd members. Here on the other hand is what the first issue looks like, with just "Words and Music Roger Waters". (Credit: Reddit member GroovingPict.)