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Vinyl: Metallica - Master of Puppets Box Set Sealed New Very Rare Slayer Megadeth 1986

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1,949.00 USD
1,949.00 USD
23 Aug 2021
14 Jul 2021
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United States
Brand New
Thrash/Speed Metal
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Hello! Up for sale here is one, still sealed in original shrink wrap copy of the behemoth Master of Puppets box set. Master of Puppets of course being ranked the #1 metal album in many, many polls. The legendary status of this 1986 album doesn't even need to be detailed here so I will save you all of that. This one is very rare to come by nowadays at all opened or not. This copy is still sealed and in great collector's condition. The box set comes with 3XLPs 10XCDs 2XDVD and 1X Cassette tape and a hardcover book of rare pics. A lot of these recordings can only be found within this box set. Some recordings of Cliff Burton in this box are attainable nowhere else but here. Likewise there is a hardcover book inside that has untold stories, unseen pics and a ton of other material about what most would call is the peak of Metallica music from 1985 to 1987.

This thing will likely be pretty expensive to ship (shipping price is included in buy price here, I will worry about that). as it weighs about 10-15 lbs. If you are a fan of Metallica, and a fan of Master of Puppets, this is the holy grail imo. This album sold over 6 million copies and only 30k of these were made. Sold out instantly and almost none are left sealed. Price is firm, no trades. Shipping will be the cheapest, safe expedited (fast) shipping I can find between USPS/UPS or Fed Ex. with tracking that only the buyer on the Ebay account can sign for. Insurance and all protections will be applied to the shipment of this item.