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Vinyl: THE BEATLES - HELP! - Fully signed album, autographed by all 4 BEATLES

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20 Feb 2020
08 Nov 2019
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United Kingdom
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The Beatles
United Kingdom
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This Autographed Help! Album cover was personally signed by all FOUR members of The Beatles. Yes, signed by George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and John Lennon. George, Paul and Ringo have signed in blue ink and John has signed in black ink. I have seen another example of this album signed in different pens, very similarly to this.

The signatures are in very good condition. They are very clear although you can see the effects of time as some of the ink has deteriorated. As well as being extremely rare to find a fully signed album by The Beatles, this one is especially unusual as they rarely signed on the FRONT of the album. There are only a few examples of this.

I would guess this was signed sometime around when the album was released in 1965. Comparing the autographs with other "verified" autographs of that time, this certainly looks to be that era. The Beatles played in Sheffield on Wednesday 8 December 1965 when Stringfellow was still Sheffield-based.

There is another autographed HELP! LP on eBay which states it's only the second fully signed version of this album, so I guess this is either the first or the third! The cover of the LP is VERY GOOD. It has some age related wear but it's been kept in a plastic sleeve so it's been quite well protected. Please check the photos and zoom in for the condition.

There is one down side. A previous owner has written her name on the back cover a couple of times (maybe why it was signed on the front by the band?).

The ultimate prize for the Beatles fan who has everything!

Provenance: This album came from the personal collection of Peter Stringfellow, nightclub owner and celebrity. Before his passing, it was given to an employee or friend. It was then sold at auction. Stringfellow was known to have booked The Beatles for at least one of his nightclubs in the 1960's so may have even have been on personal terms with the band.

Stringfellow was estimated in the early 2000's to be worth approximately £37m. One would guess then, that he could afford the genuine article. At the time of his death, his estate was only £1m which may lead one to believe he gave away a lot of his possessions once he'd received a diagnosis of cancer in 2007.

This album cover has previously been sold at auction as genuine - "signed in ink by all four members of the band".

This is an album cover only. I can source vinyl (G/VG condition) to go with this cover at no extra cost if requested.

See photos. I have listed this item in good faith as my belief is that the provenance is genuine. There are very few "experts" who I believe could verify it.

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