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Vinyl: DAVID BOWIE THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD Mercury 1st U.K. Press Rare Mint-

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4,250.00 GBP
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14 Nov 2021
07 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom
David Bowie
United Kingdom
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David Bowie’s second lp titled “The man who sold the world” Mercury 6338 041 released 1971. Rare 1st Pressing with Tonny Visconti misprint on labels.matrix information side 1 1Y //1 420 side

2 2Y//1 420 earliest pressing original dated inner sleeve 03/71.With mega rare deleted lightly textured “dress” cover. Bought from an ex record sales representative who reviewed the records on time of release and carefully filed away.Now for the condition…. The record is graded as mint minus with perfect clean labels.vinyl shining like new.only been played maybe twice by original owner.dated inner sleeve has no seam splits ect.T he mega rare deleted “dress”cover is graded as mint minus.One if not the best you will ever see.perfect condition.Mint spine and no usual wear.A chance to own a truly exceptional copy of David bowie’s best and rarest uk lp.A final upgrade for sure.Good luck if bidding.