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20 Nov 2015
10 Nov 2015
76 bids
Depeche Mode
The Exchange
United Kingdom
Dance & Electronica
New Wave
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Up for grabs is a very special opportunity to own an extremely rare 10" acetate record of the songs 'Personal Jesus'' and 'Dangerous' by Depeche Mode. We are putting up for auction something so rare that I can say with utmost confidence that it is one of a kind, if not, one of very few acetates with the letters G BONG 17 B on it. I have done hours and hours of research and I cannot find a similar record. I have scene many with an A at the end, but not a B. I doubt very much that this record will come up for auction ever again. Just imagine, you may have a one of a kind or one of very few of these records.

Where did this acetate record come from? From Depeche Mode's storage cage at Music Bank in Southwark, London, England. It was here that Jonathan 'Wob' Roberts invited a contact of mine to. 'Wob' Roberts worked with Depeche Mode and is mentioned on the 'Songs of Faith and Devotion Live' album. He also worked for Robbie Williams and Coldplay as a production manager. My contact Jim Faithfull worked for a crew company called Stage Miracles. At one of the regular gigs was a studio call at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith on a channel 4 program called TFI Friday. It was there that Jim met 'Wob' Roberts who was the chief Tech for the studio. 'Wob' Roberts advised Jim that he was going to clear out Depeche Mode's storage cage in Southwark and so invited him to poke around and take what he wanted. This acetate record was amongst all the items in the cage.

With the acetate record comes a signed letter from Jim Faithfull attesting to the above and a copy of a signed letter from 'Wob' Roberts stating: "Back in the late Nineties, I was asked to clear out the Depeche Mode cage at Music Bank. A skip was booked and we threw out quite a lot of redundant stuff, some of which was picked up by Jim Faithfull, who was helping me. I can vouch that the items that Jim has presented did come from the Depeche Mode cage and that, as they were thrown away and he salvaged them, he came by them legitimately".

Please note, since this record is an acetate, we did not attempt to play it. Therefore, we are not certain what versions of 'Dangerous' and 'Personal Jesus' they are. It could be that these versions are different than what was released, but we are not sure. The nature of acetates is that they do not respond well to repeated playing and so we leave it up to the winning bidder. This 10" record weighs more and is thicker than a standard vinyl.

Just imagine having this item in your collection. Your head will swim and the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up. And when your friends come over, watch their jealous faces. What a conversation piece. And what an investment. Depeche Mode will not be around forever. How much more valuable this record will be as the years go by. It's really a museum piece. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own this very unique item. I do not have another acetate record. This is it. This is not an ordinary Depeche Mode item. Depeche Mode will always have fans and that makes this item a treasure and an investment. Why do I say that? Depeche Mode has sold over 100 million records worldwide making them one of the most successful electronic bands of all times. They have had 50 songs in the UK singles charts. They had 13 top ten albums in the UK charts of which two debuted at #1. Q magazine calls them "the most popular electronic band the world has ever known". They are included in the list of the "50 bands that changed the world". One music critic claimed that "the last serious English influence was Depeche Mode who seem more and more significant as time passes". They have been nominated for 5 Grammy Awards. I don't think I need to mention anything more.

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