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05 Apr 2016
26 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
David Bowie
United States
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DAVID BOWIE THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD. 1971 ORIGINAL ONLY 1395 SOLD ON RELEASE PLUS PROOF . THE RAREST USA DAVID BOWIE PRESSING IN THE WORLD . This is the RAREST DAVID BOWIE ORIGINAL LP PRESSING IN THE WORLD and I can prove it ! There is a common myth among many David Bowie collectors that this, the ORIGINAL USA CARTOON COVER of Bowie`s ROCK MASTERPIECE The Man Who Sold The World is quite easy to find . It just isnt . Yes eBay is littered with cartoon covers daily but they are not originals . That is the myth. Back in 1976 some very enterprising and very clever individuals got wind that a certain David Bowie LP was worth a wopping £120. So they got their heads together and decided to make a forgery of this valuable LP and went off and did the artwork and pressed the phoney vinyls up. And did a really great job of the 25,000 copies they made. YES 25,000 . The thing is. They forged the wrong copy of THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD ! They were supposed to make a counterfeit of the UK valuable Dress cover . Instead they copied the USA version of TMWSTW , yes the cartoon copy.That is what is littering up eBay USA ! Just try to find an original with the machine stamped matrix number . Now thats a handful . If you double click the pictures and read the passage in the book it states clearly that in 1971, yeah, 45 years ago , Bowie`s new LP only sold 1395 copies ! At the time Tony Defries was trying to create insane Hype paying anyone who could be heard, DJs, Journalists that Bowie`s TMWSTW had sold 50,000 copies in the USA where it was released first. As the release date in the UK approached (YES IT WAS RELEASED IN THE USA BEFORE THE UK) even Bowie believed him . Eventually the truth was obvious and it was a total disaster , it sold way less than the 1395 here in England . My guess is after the USA flop they only pressed 500 dress covers but who knows ? So here are the two of them side by side for the very FIRST TIME EVER ON EBAY !!!!!. The seriously undervalued ultra rare USA 1971 ORIGINAL ON MERCURY RECORDS with the machine stamped matrix number. And the magnificent 1976 forgery. Double click the close ups and look to the typeset on the words DAVID BOWIE then the typeset on the $ THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD . Note how the forgery typeset is blurry , unlike the original which is noticeably sharper, and the blue in DAVID BOWIE is a lighter shade. Note the air bubbles on the front and back of the forgery on this paste back sleeve. This quality control would never have allowed this to leave the pressing plant in a record company the size of Philips/Mercury/Vertigo. The sky on the front of the fake is also a lighter shade of blue to the original. On the back of the LP look at the yellow background , its much deeper , a richer shade to the forgery on the left. Look at the different shades on the white of the sleeves and the inner sleeves. Double the pictures and look at the record labels .Without the matrix info can you tell the fake from the rare original ? The fakers did a great job . This is the second best forgery I have ever seen . HOW DID PEOPLE WITH THIS MUCH SKILL POSSIBLY MAKE SUCH A SUPERB COUNTERFEIT OF THE COMPLETELY WRONG LP ? Don`t you love mistakes like this ? It reminds me of the mistake in the Great Train Robbery when Ronnie Biggs said yeah my mate can drive the train. Its only when it came down to driving the train they found out he couldnt even drive a car .Yep thats true.... The original sleeve is in EXCELLENT condition with the smallest amount of ware it is really superb. Double click the pictures with the original sleeve stood up with the ORIGINAL inner sleeve placed behind it . Note the hole in the sleeve bottom right corner also the hole in the exact same position on the inner sleeve. This was a practise unique to the Americans and I could never work it out. If a record was released in the US and sold poorly they would ship them over here to the UK to try to sell them to us. But before they tried to get us hard working FOOLS to buy THIER PRODUCT. They would first MUTILATE THE ITEM, BY PUSHING A HOT STEEL ROD THROUGH THE SLEEVE ! Sometime especially with singles this HOT BAR WOULD BE PUSHED STRAIGHT THROUGH THE RECORD NEAR THE SPINDLE HOLE ! CRAZY OR WHAT ??? THE HOLE MEANT IT WAS FOR EXPORT ! HERE IN ENGLAND WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON EXPORTING THE FINEST, IT HAS TO BE A CERTAIN QUALITY TO BE SENT OVERSEAS . I HAVE OFTEN WONDERED WHAT IS THE GUYS JOB DESCRIPTION WHO PERFORMS THIS INSANE TASK ? Those Americans love abbreviations dont they ? Perhaps he would be known as the EORME. EXPORT ONLY RECORD MUTILATOR EXECUTIVE ? LIKE I SAID, IN THE 60s and 70s THE UK WAS THE ENVY OF THE WORLD FOR THE WAY WE MANUFACTURED THESE ITEMS .THAT AT THE TIME WERE THE EPITOME OF HOUSEHOLD TECHNOLOGY !!! THE MAKING OF RECORDS WAS AN INDUSTRY TO BE PROUD OF !!!! Where did it go ? The labels are magnificent on both sides. The vinyl is as close to mint as possible spotlessly clean throughout and it plays with no flaws at all. On its release way back in 1971 it sold no more than 1395 copies. How many originals are out there who knows ? THIS I BELIEVE ONE DAY WILL BE A MONSTER OF THE FUTURE. BECAUSE IT IS A GREAT PRESSING, AND A RARE PRESSING. OF A MAGNIFICENT BOWIE LP . COLETTES FAVOURITE BOWIE TRACK OF ALL TIME IS ON HERE . ALL THE MADMEN . WHAT A SONG !!!! WHAT AN LP !!!! AND HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ON EBAY. SIDE BY SIDE. IS THE FANTASTIC COUNTERFEIT AND THE MAGNIFICENT ORIGINAL 1971 USA MERCURY RED LABEL ULTRA RARE RELEASE OF DAVID BOWIE`s ROCK MASTERPIECE THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD. A PENNY START AND NO RESERVE !!!! Bowie collectors both old and new, keep an eye on my auctions over the next few weeks. I will be selling some of the rarest David Bowie LPs ever pressed. Postage and packing is inland £9.50 for First class recorded . This is due to insurance + these new record boxes I ship expensive records in. They are much bigger than normal and protect the corners of the LP So it can not go as "small package" . Germany is £18.50 USA is £26.10 OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE BE ADVISED I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RAISE POSTAGE PRICES ON ITEMS THAT GO HIGH IN PRICE AND REQUIRE EXTRA INSURANCE. ON ITEMS OVER £1000 THIS CAN GET QUITE EXPENSIVE. EG. IT COST ME £108.20 TO MAIL AN ITEM WORTH £1600 TO FRANCE SO ASK I no longer ship to the Russian Fed Ukraine or Italy.