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78 rpm: Frank Sinatra & Dagmar "hated record" Promo

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22.38 USD
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21 Jul 2018
14 Jul 2018
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United States
Frank Sinatra
78 rpm
United States
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Frank Sinatra & Dagmar "hated record" Promo
I will be listing a host of 78rpm records, most with jackets. Most of these are scarce and at one time commanded quite a premium. I would recommend that if you don't own a record player, you go online and get one (lots of cool retros available); One with 3-speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78). Lots of "bargains" to be had since collecting fell-off with the newer generation. This is a 78rpm recording for Radio Stations. It is a pairing of Frank Sinatra with Dagmar called "Mama Will Bark" Frank didn't want to do it, but Mitch Miller "made" him do it -causing a lifelong antimosity. Dagmar's obit from the NY Times included with this promo 78 . Winner pays $7 media mail postage in the USA, as 78s require special care when shipping, especially the non-vinyl composites.