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3M Cantata: 3M Cantata 700 Background Music System Cartridge Melodic Library 266 Series II ?

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75.00 USD
75.00 USD
19 Jan 2020
09 Jan 2020
1 bid
United States
3M Cantata
New Age & Easy Listening
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Here’s a rare 3M Cantata 700 Background Music System music cartridge! I’m not 100% sure what this cartridge is. The plastic cartridge is labeled "Melodic Library 266 Series II" but the box says "Rhapsidy (sic) RH-295" and “Ours Jazz". This cartridge has a distributor’s sticker on the back and the license tag on the back has not been filled out. I don’t have a way of testing the tape, so I'm selling it as-is. See photos for condition of the box. Drop me a message if ebay doesn’t calculate shipping for you. Happy bidding!!