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Video-CD: Kate Bush The Whole Story '94 VCD 2x VIDEO CD PMI

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34,99 EUR
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34,99 EUR
28 Nov 2022
21 Nov 2022
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Kate Bush
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Kate Bush The Whole Story '94 VCD 2x VIDEO CD PMI

In excellent condition overall, a double VIDEO CD Album by Kate Bush called "The Whole Story '94" VCD 2x VIDEO CD released by EMI Records and PMI. The catalogue number is: 7243 4912882 8.

The 2 Video CD's are in excellent condition with no scratches or noticeable surface marks. The print on on the front is near perfect with no rubs or blemishes.

The inner artwork is also excellent condition with no tears, no creasing and very little discolouration.

The outer case is very good and has no cracks, but it does have some surface wear.

All CD's will be sent in appropriate packing materials.

Delivery to mainland Spain = 4,50 €

Delivery to the rest of the world = 12€.

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