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CD: Yes - Close To VIII Progressers / Highland 1991 USA 3CD

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45.00 USD
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11 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019
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United States
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Yes - Close To VIII Progressers / Highland 1991 USA 3CD
Yes - Close To VIII Progressers, it is Factory Pressed Silver CD, Count this as 2 items for postage

Payment Due : 5 days (if you can't keep payment due, please contact me. otherwise, i will open unpaid item case)

Condition : if i find any damages from the item, i used to write about them in the item description.
so if i did write nothing about condition in the item description, that means the item is in excellent condition.
but don't misunderstand. all my items can have minor damages (neglectable in my opinion).

Do you want me to hold your order to my next auction?
pay the invoice including postage within the payment due, and then ask me for holding your order.
and if you don't / can't win any item from my next auction, i will ship your order immediately

Shipping and Handling (Registered Airmail ONLY)
East Asia : $7 (first CD), $2 each (additional CDs)
US / CAN / MEX / AU / NZ / Europe / West Asia : $9 (first CD), $2 each (additional CDs)
South America / Africa : $11 (first CD), $3 each (additional CDs)

if you want shipping without cases, postage for second item is free and add $1 each (South America / Africa : $1.5 each) from 3rd items
for such items as like digipak and special case, add $2 each (South America / Africa - $3 each).
if you want EMS, ask me for the postage. roughly speaking EMS postage is double of registered airmail postage