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CD: Kool and the Gang Celebrate! CD NEW

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20.05 USD
20.05 USD
19 Sep 2022
30 Aug 2022
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United States
Brand New
Kool & The Gang
BIG Break
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Kool and the Gang Celebrate! CD NEW

Further Details

Title: Celebrate!
Artist: Kool and the Gang
Catalogue Number: CDBBRX0149
Barcode: 5013929044937
Format: CD
Condition: New
Studio: BBR
Number Of Discs: 1
Release Date: 2021-08-06
Genre: R&B/Soul
Sub Genre: Funk
Disc 1
1 Celebration
2 Jones Vs. Jones
3 Take It to the Top
4 Morning Star
5 Love Festival
6 Just Friends
7 Night People
8 Love Affair
9 Celebration (Single Version)
10 Take It to the Top (Single Version)
11 Jones Vs. Jones (Single Version)
12 Morning Star (Long Version)
13 Celebremos (12" Spanish Version)

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