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Vinyl: Curtis Fuller Quintet Blues-ette LP Savoy Records MG 12141 1959 First press

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24 Sep 2023
29 Jul 2023
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United States
Curtis fuller
Savoy Records
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Curtis Fuller's Quintet Blues-ette LP Savoy Records MG 12141 1959 First press.

Recorded on May 21, 1959

This record is in immaculate condition and plays very clean. The slightest of a couple of of hairlines that DNAP. I never grade NM but the vinyl here is very close. It’s definitely VG+. The jacket has seen better days. It has been taped by someone in the middle of the spine and has a half split on the top. Upgrading a jacket for this is going to be a near impossible find as these Savoy OG’s are getting harder and harder to find.

I will ship packed tight in a record mailer with extra cardboard. The record is currently stored outside of the jacket to preserve the artwork. Please feel free to ask any questions or receive any pictures of angles not listed.