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Reel-to-reel: 15 ips 2 track 1/4" reel to reel tape - Michael Jackson - Who Is It

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150.00 USD
150.00 USD
10 Jun 2021
03 Jun 2021
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Russian Federation
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Michael Jackson
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Hi music lovers!

We are selling a large private collection of tapes.

All tapes are 1st generation copies of master tapes from a phonograph record factory.

These are NOT copies from the CD or from another digital source

(you can compare this sound if you have similar releases on CD, DVDA, SACD media or files).

There are about 2000 tapes in the collection, so do not forget to follow our lots.

On sale will be ¼'' and ½'' tapes at 15 and 30 ips.

Now we bring to your attention:

MICHAEL JACKSON - Who Is It (1992, EPC6581796)

1 tape, stereo, 15ips,


CCIR eq,


1Hz 0db set tones at the beginning of each part of roll,

AEG hub (can be rewound on NAB hub or TRIDENT reel by request)

Tail out.


These reels are being sold as vintage magnetic tape, the material on them is a bonus, and could be considered collectible or novelty material;
to enjoy the tapes as is, you'll need a 2 track 15 ips capable machine.

If there's no bids, the auction may be canceled at any time.