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CD: Rare: Danny Elfman & Tim Burton Music Box. Includes collectors signed bonus disk

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1,250.00 GBP
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1,250.00 GBP
14 Jan 2022
25 Jun 2020
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United Kingdom
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Danny Elfman
Warner Bros
Soundtracks & Musicals
Musical/Original Cast
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Very Rare: Calling all Danny Elfman & Tim Burton fans. If you missed this in 2011 well here it it and these don't come around very often. I pre-ordered this Music Box in 2010 but haven't had chance to play any of the CD's and downsizing means it has go. Opened twice, once to add the 17th collectors disc signed by Danny Elfman and a couple of weeks ago to professional photograph. Condition is as New. Dispatched by courier, additional cost confirmed on selling.