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CD: Led Zeppelin: "Zoso" Japan Mini-LP Box [not promo no cd jimmy page QU

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78.75 USD
78.75 USD
13 Jan 2020
10 Dec 2019
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Led Zeppelin
World Music
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Led Zeppelin: "Zoso" Box (empty).
Limited Edition Japan Mini-LP Box (only).
Out of Print. Made in Japan. Near Mint Condition.

Drawer Promo Box only. No CDs included. Holds ten or so. 6cm x 14.5cm x 14.5cm. Photos are for reference only and may not be of the exact item for sale in this listing.

Promo box officially sanctioned. Made in Japan by Warner.

Shipping and handling fee includes all of the following: eBay 12% fee, Paypal 4.5% fee, cost of shipping materials, postage fee, and wages for the packing assistant. The shipping and handling fee does not include tracking or insurance. Registration or EMS can be purchased for an additional cost, both are highly recommended, and both include tracking and insurance.

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Arigatoo gozaimasu!