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Vinyl: WW2 Japanse Imperial Army 8(72 RPM) record set with 17 page booklet-c. 1941

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05 Dec 2022
25 Aug 2022
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United States
Japanese Imperial Army
RCA Victor
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WW2 Japanse Imperial Army 8LP record set with 17 page booklet
This is a hard cover album, holding a total of 8 72rpm records. Each record is held neatly in its enveloped page, and with each record a sheet of paper with japanese writing and a photo of the composer. There are three composers total, that i can gather from the photographs. Please see photos for detailed condition of the album book. The spine is deteriorating, along with some edge wear. This item has been through battle and is 80 years old, it told me to "cut it some slack"

Yes, the records play! Surprisingly well for their age. I have listened to them.. what you hear when playing these records is ancient, traditional japanese stringed instruments. Deliberated, slow, and rythemic. The instruments delicately plucked, with an air of poise and contemplation. You will also hear the solemn , meditative Shinto chanting. It was eerie for me to listen to this, knowing this very record would have been listened by young Japanese men as they headed willingly to their death. On the cover of the accompanying booklet you will see the photos of three young men dressed in military uniforms, with a fence or bridge depicted at the bottom of the page. Beyond the fence line, a violent bomb explosion is illustrated.

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