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Vinyl: Jesse James soundtrack vinyl LP SEALED Johnny Cash Levon Helm Emmylou Harris CUT

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19.99 USD
04 Jul 2019
13 Dec 2018
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United States
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Johnny Cash
A & M Records
United States
Soundtracks & Musicals
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Jesse James soundtrack vinyl LP SEALED Johnny Cash Levon Helm Emmylou Harris CUT

This is a 1980, FACTORY SEALED, soundtrack vinyl LP record called, "The Legend Of Jesse James." It features Levon Helm, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Charlie Daniels on vocals and a number of great musicians. It was written and composed by Paul Kennerley. It is on A & M Records, release number SP 3718 STEREO.

There is a cut out slit on the top approximately 1 inch over from the upper left hand corner. It does not affect the vinyl inside which is in never opened, never played, mint condition. The corners of the album cover are very slightly dinged. The album contains the following selections:


  1. Ride of the Redlegs (Rodney Crowell,Jody Payne, Levon Helm, Roseanne Cash)
  2. Quantrill's Guerillas (Levon Helm)
  3. Six Gun Shooting (Johnny Cash)
  4. Have You Heard The News (Albert Lee)
  5. Heaven Ain't Ready For You Yet (Emmylou Harris)
  6. Help Him Jesus (Johnny Cash)
  7. The Old Clay County (Charlie Daniels and Levon Helm)
  8. Riding With Jesse James (Charlie Daniels)


  1. Hunt Them Down (Albert Lee)
  2. Wish We Were Back In Missouri (Emmylou Harris)
  3. Northfield The Plan (Levon Helm)
  4. High Walls (Levon Helm)
  5. The Death Of Me (Johnny Cash and Levon Helm)
  6. The Plot (Paul Kennerley)
  7. One More Shot (Levon Helm)


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