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16 mm film: Karl Krogstad MTV Rolling Stones Music Video 16mm Work Print Film Unreleased?

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44.99 USD
44.99 USD
10 Jan 2018
21 Oct 2016
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United States
The Rolling Stones
16 mm film
Rock & Pop
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Karl Krogstad MTV Rolling Stones Music Video 16mm Work Print Film Unreleased?
Karl Krogstad MTV Rolling Stones Music Video 16mm Work Print Film Unreleased?

There are 60 photos of the item below.

--- I am open to offers (I really have no way to place a value on this and don't like auctioning things, so I usually put a price on someting like this and over time lower the price, but I am open to offers)

--- I purchased this at a local estate sale. This is a 16mm Karl Krogstad Work Print (which consists of a color 16mm silent reel and a 16mm Magnetic Sound Reel) of a Rolling Stones Video (I do NOT know the name of the song because I have no way of listening to a 16mm magnetic sound reel, which is a magnetic coated 16mm film stock, you need special equipment to listen to this, not a 16mm sound projector but a full track 16mm magnetic recorder).

--- I looked around online and saw mention of this video but it was never mentioned or stated what the name of the song was (I saw a few instances where Karl Krogstad was giving a local talk and showing some of his work, which included this video). There must be a reason the name of the song is not mentioned.

--- NOTE that the Rolling Stones DO NOT APPEAR in this video (there is a scene where two of the dancers are wearing what looks like photos of the stones on their faces).

--- This is a work print, and hence it has a lot of the directors personal hand splices, and grease pencil marks, for sync and other notes, noted a gaps of a handful of frames where leader was spliced in with notes on the leader). Some of the segments have more surface wear than others (a work print is where the filmmaker or editor takes individual strips of film and hand arranges them in the desired order, this sometimes results in film being cut and spliced over and over again).

--- The reel is about 5-1/2" in diameter, the center spool is about 2-3/4" in diameter (notice the center spindle is much larger than a standard 16mm film reel spindle, and it had no sides, this cannot just be put on a 16mm projector and shown, you would need to transfer it to a standard 16mm reel first).

--- The photos below I took while projecting the film, I watched it most of the way but not all the way to the end. There are no titles or any text of any kind (I didn't watch the tail end of it though). The imagery is basically a group of women in monks robes dancing around and doing various things that sometimes look like rituals (mostly choreographed dancing type things). There are also outdoor scenes which are a grainy black and white and look like night time (satanic comes to mind). A few times there is this hillbilly looking guy talking to the screen (hillbilly or hipster, hard to tell). And at the end part there is what looks like stock footage of maybe a church or meeting of some kind (form the 50's maybe). Overall it was fun to watch and I would have loved to have seen this with the sound.

--- Hard to place a value on this. I am assuming there is a reason the name of the song is not mentioned anywhere online even though the video itself is (referred to as a "rolling stones music video". I'm guessing it was contracted but not actually used. I am open to offers

--- See photos for condition details

--- Will be well packed

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