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Vinyl: BEATLES Hear The Beatles Tell All Vee Jay White Label Promo LP + Documents

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24 Aug 2018
16 Aug 2018
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The Beatles
United States
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BEATLES Hear The Beatles Tell All Vee Jay White Label Promo LP + Documents

Beatles - Hear The Beatles Tell All (PRO-202)

Mega rare 1964 mono WHITE LABEL PROMO LP.

During the 1964 Beatles American tour, Jim Steck and Dave Hull of KRLA radio in Los Angeles interviewed The Beatles and portions were played on KRLA. Vee Jay Records licensed these interviews with the intent of releasing a Beatles interview LP in October of 1964. The Beatles initially objected to the release but backed down after Steck and Hull insisted that they owned the interviews with no restrictions on their use.

The album was eventually commercially released in mono in November of 1964 as “Hear The Beatles Tell All” (VJLP 202 PRO). In order to make the album more saleable, the interviews were edited and augmented with crowd noises, screaming girls and percussion by legendary L.A. session drummer Hal Blaine.

A rare white label promo copy of this LP was issued in advance of the LP’s commercial release. When these promos were pressed, Vee Jay misprinted the labels as "Dave Hull Interviews John Lennon" and "Jim Steck Interviews John, Paul, George, and Ringo" but the label copy should have read in reverse (i.e. "Jim Steck interviews John Lennon" etc.). After Vee Jay realized their mistake, they requested that all copies sent to radio be returned and apparently most were.

There are only about 10 copies of this promo LP known to exist and this copy is certainly one of the better condition copies. Also, the "name switch" label error has not been corrected in ink, as some other promo copies were. When the commercial issue was released, this label error was corrected. Also, eventually the "PRO" in the catalog number was dropped. This is by far one of the rarest U.S. Beatles LPs.

Since no white label promo LPs are known to exist for any versions of "Introducing The Beatles" or "The Beatles And Frank Ifield", this remains the sole Vee Jay Records promo label Beatles LP.

Disc has some hairline marks only and plays great. Cover is a stock commercial cover with no promo markings.

Also included as a bonus is a set of three original Vee Jay Records invoices and carbon copies of checks (dated September and October 1964) that were made out to Dayton Burr Howe for engineering services on this album (he was uncredited).

Howe later became known as Bones Howe and was very successful as a recording engineer, producer, music supervisor and musician who worked with Elvis Presley, Mama's & Papa's, Association, Fifth Dimension, Johnny Rivers, Frank Sinatra, Jan & Dean, Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Turtles, Tom Waits and others.

A fantastic historical addition to an extremely rare Beatles album, making it arguably the best copy that exists!

Condition: Disc VG, Cover VG+, Insert VG+

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