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Vinyl: Depeche Mode – The Color Collection

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10.000,00 EUR
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12.500,00 EUR
06 Nov 2020
27 Jul 2020
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I´m a Depeche Mode addict and collector since 1985 !

Bought all the collor collection 12" vinyls back then and have all of them except for the orange Blasphemous rumours and the blue marbled Strangelove.

They are all in perfekt condition have been in my collection since then and most of them are even unplayed as I only got them for my collection and already had the black vinyls...
Even got the original Intercord flyer to promote the Colour Collection series...
Thought I´d never sell them, but now have some convincing financial reasons... :(

So this is a rare chance to get them in such a unique condition.

I will add a list of whick records are included later - have to doublecheck through my collection.

Also I will list it at a high price for now - was hoping I could find someone here who is also a die hard fan and has no problem with spending some more on it...

Will lower the price in a few weeks if noone like that shows up :)

If you are interested in other coloured editions or the whole lot please let me know...

Will write more soon.

Happy bidding :)