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DVD: RARE Brant Bjork Sabbia Sounds of Liberation Film DVD Stoner Rock Kyuss

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53.00 USD
23 Jul 2015
14 Jul 2015
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RARE Brant Bjork Sabbia Sounds of Liberation Film DVD Stoner Rock Kyuss
"Sabbia" is a film by Kate McCabe featuring a soundtrack of entirely Brant Bjork's music. A movie in worship of the desert- it's vibe, it's colors, it's moods, it's vast emptiness. At times reminiscent of Godfrey Reggio's 'Qatsi documentaries (Koyaanisqatsi especially) with time- elapse shots of clouds, stars, sun & moon (an homage really to that style), at other times pure rock- showing Brant & The Bros jamming out on the roof of some home in the high desert, and finally- sometimes very funny and disarming with Brant's voice-over/ sense of humor and observation, that occasionally peppers the film. A real highlight is the near constant use of Brant's music, reaching back to songs from Jalamanta, touching on all his records (except Local Angel), up through Saved By Magic. And the best part of that, is this represents a fraction of the total music used... the rest were demos/ unreleased/ and brand new songs Brant wrote for the movie. And I'll attest they were simply awesome. AWESOME. From faint desert whispers to hard-rocking in those tones uniquely Brant.