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Vinyl: Jay Monroe Collection Sun #201 Fallen Angel/ Gonna Dance All Night

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900.00 USD
900.00 USD
23 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023
1 bid
United States
Hardrock Gunter
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I have inherited my father’s legendary record collection. He was known as the Sun record king, but he collected all types of rare 45s and 78s. This week, I will be listing a few big ones from his office. He dedicated his life to building this collection and preserved some of the rarest records in the world. He kept them in absolutely pristine condition, most of the time, never even playing them. This being my father’s life’s work, I want to honor his legacy and sell these rare finds to the highest level collectors that will appreciate the rarity of the condition of some of the most sought after records in the world. Prices for world class blues vinyl have been steadily climbing for over 40 years and have recently been increasing dramatically. This is your chance to bid on the world’s very best copies, so do your research and bid competitively on these extraordinary treasures. This is just a small sampling of his extensive collection, so keep an eye out for future listings from one of the largest rare record collections in the world.

Sun # 201 Hardrock Gunter Fallen Angel and Gonna Dance All Night in VG+ Condition with the very desirable Hillbilly stamp on the label.