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Vinyl: Brand New DAISY Vinyl (2009, First Pressing, 180 gram) Factory SEALED Record NEW

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64.99 USD
64.99 USD
24 Aug 2023
15 Aug 2023
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United States
Brand New
Brand New
Interscope Records
United States
Emo 2000s
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Introducing a never-been-played vinyl record of the album 'Daisy' by the artist Brand New. This 2009 first pressing edition comes in a black 12" vinyl format with a cardboard sleeve type, and weighs 180 grams. The record label is Interscope Records and the sub-genre of this album is Emo.

This sealed record is in mint condition both in terms of the record grading and sleeve grading. The vinyl material and inlay condition are also in mint condition. This LP type of format has features such as being sealed and in English language. This item is perfect for collectors of rock, emo, and post hardcore music genres.