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Vinyl: Howlin' Sun Howlin' Sun (Vinyl) 12" Album Coloured Vinyl

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02 Apr 2024
12 Sep 2022
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United Kingdom
Brand New
Howlin' Sun
Apollon Records
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Howlin' Sun Howlin' Sun (Vinyl) 12" Album Coloured Vinyl

Further Details

Title: Howlin' Sun
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 7090039725947
Edition: 12" Album Coloured Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Style: Rock
Release Date: 17/06/2022
No Of Discs: 1
Artist: Howlin' Sun
Record Label: Apollon Records
Colour: Yellow coloured vinyl
Release Year: 2022
1-1 Hitchhiker of Love
1-2 Westbound
1-3 Move
1-4 Strange Night
1-5 Yellow Lit Road
1-6 Day-to-day Blues
1-7 Jupiter
1-8 Nothing Like a Shelter
1-9 The Day Took My Sunshine Away
1-10 A Little Bit of Rain

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