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Vinyl: UK Columbia SAX 2531 Leonid Kogan Elisabeth Gilels Sonatas ORIG ED1

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4,572.00 USD
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09 Jan 2022
30 Dec 2021
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Various Artists
United Kingdom
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Leonid Kogan Elisabeth Gilels Sonatas

Wellcome to my auction of rare classical records

After many years of collecting I am now selling parts of my large private collection

Sonatas for Two Violins by

Leclaire Telemann Ysaye

Leonid Kogan and Elisabeth Gilels

Blue Silver Columbia SAX 2531

Made In The UK

Matrix Numbers:

YLX 1129-2I (M6 229318) on side 1 and

YLX 1130-2I (M6 229317) on side 2

Holy Grail – one of the rarest classical LP’s

First pressing of this very very sought after Leonid Kogan LP in fine condition

As many of the original Columbia SAX this record is not dead quiet !!

Under very strong light you can see some hairlines from removing

the record out of the cover

The first side of the record plays very fine on my LP12/Ittok/Klyde

with the odd tic here and there

but better (more quiet) on my Thorens TD 3001 with SME 310 and Ortofon Cartridge

Side 2 has a very small mark only seeable under strong light.

The mark is in the middle of the second movement of the Ysaye sonata

and causes some tics for about 40 seconds

Condition record side A: ex

Condition record side B: vg+

Condition cover: ex

Optically in normal light the record looks like out of the record shop more than 50 years ago

but plays with the mentioned faults !!

The cover is still in collectable condition

Please take care - these are the Shipping costs:

Worldwide: 1-2 LPs US$ 22.00 3 or more Lps US$ 29.00

Europe: 1-2 LPs US$ 14.00 3 or more Lps US$ 20.00

(For this amount the records are insured up to US $ 100.00

If you like higher insurance this is another US$ 2.00 / US $ 100.00

I am only responsible for the insured amount !!)

Special OFFER

If you buy more than 3 records, the shipping costs will not increase !!

Please take a look at my other records for more Oistrakh, Kogan,

Cluytens, Mainardi, Furtwangler, Du Pre, Nyffenegger,

Columbia SAX, Decca SXL, EMI ASD