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Vinyl: Depeche Mode “A Broken Frame” Original Vinyl Lp Signed By All 4 Members of Band

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29 Aug 2021
22 Aug 2021
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United Kingdom
Depeche Mode
Dance & Electronica
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Depeche Mode “A Broken Frame” Original Vinyl LP STUMM 9 (run out A2 GG JA Tape One/ B2 GG JA Tape One)

As pictured. The sleeve needs a little glue on both top and bottom seams, otherwise very presentable. The vinyl itself looks lovely and clean - barely any sign of wear etc. See pics. Cleaned twice by project cleaner and played through beautifully.

Included within is a letter-headed Daily Mirror Rock and Pop Club competition prize letter for the Depeche Mode LP. This was bought as part of a large private collection from an individual who had been collecting for years and looked after his records really well. He was a serial competition buff and many of the records he owned had similar prize entry recognition. It’s been in a plastic protective sleeve ever since and only played today for the first time.

As you can see this has been signed by all four members of the band - Dave Gahan/Martin Gore/Andrew Fletcher/Alan Wilder. Knowing the original of the record I believe this is genuine and supported by the documentation, although I wasn’t there. I am starting this at 99p auction with no reserve so that it finds its own level.

Thanks for looking!