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78 rpm: Bob Hannon 78rpm Single 10-inch Mercury Records #MMP-44 White label Promo

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29.99 USD
29.99 USD
17 Oct 2021
11 Feb 2021
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United States
78 rpm
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Bob Hannon 78rpm Single 10-inch Mercury Records #MMP-44 White label Promo

Bob Hannon 78rpm Single 10-inch Mercury Records #MMP-44 White label Promo

My Little Toy Boat (On October 31 ST)


The Wind And The Breeze

Disc Condition: NM/M

Comments: Bob Hannon with Jerry Sears and His Orchestra

Rare white label promotional disc for Mercury Records Release for October

Mercury Miniature Playhouse Songs and Music for Little Folks

comes with original white paper sleeve

BRTSA Collection

Listing date: Feb 3, 2021

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