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Vinyl: Rare Audiophile Martzy Bach Violin Sonatas 3LP Columbia 33CX 1286-88 B/G UK ED1

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9,999.99 USD
9,999.99 USD
16 Oct 2020
06 Aug 2020
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Jim Reeves
United Kingdom
Partita Sonata
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This item is part of a large collection which includes some of the rarest and most desirable classical music records including many "Golden Age" ED1 stereo pressings form Decca SXL, Columbia SAX, HMV ASD, Philips Hi-Fi Stereo, Mercury Living Presence, RCA Living Stereo series, audiophile and TAS listed items, and early mono pressings on Ducretet-Thomson, Lumen, Les Discophiles Francais, etc. Featuring artists such as Ansermet, Cluytens, Szell, Ricci, Oistrakh, Milstein, Kogan, Rabin, Grumiaux, Starker, Fournier, Mainardi, Martzy and many others.

Johanna Martzy - Bach: The Unaccompanied Violin Sonatas 3LP (Complete set)

Original first UK mono pressings, 33CX 1986, 33CX 1987, 33CX 1988 , ED1

Records: NM/NM/EX+ ( the records have not been cleaned and, naturally, there is some dust and also a few fingerprints but the beauty of it is that all three LPs appear to be in a pristine vintage unplayed condition with no spindle marks on the labels; the only flaw which I could detect by strict visual examination in good lighting is a small amount of light scuffing at the beginning of side 2 of volume three, thus, I have graded this side as EX+; upon play-testing this portion of the record, it did not reveal any significant interference and should be reduced to a minimum after a thorough professional clean although I would prefer to leave this to the discretion of the buyer)

Covers: EX+/EX+/EX+ (the covers have been beautifully preserved; a discreet shop sticker on the back of volume two)

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