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CD: Charlie PALMIERI Latin Bugalu Orig. 2006 JAPAN Mini LP CD BOM-24061 NEW Sealed

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59.99 USD
59.99 USD
04 May 2021
30 Apr 2021
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United States
Brand New
Charlie Palmieri
Bomba Records, JAPAN
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BeWarē of Counterfeit Japanese Mini LP CD’s (Limited Edition Paper / Cardboard Sleeve) CD’s

BeWarē of Counterfeits in GeNeRAL! = TOO Many EXiST!

You get what you pay for.....this is only the beginning of this fraudulent activity because of the inherit rarity of the Mini LP CD's (limited production of 2,000 to 5,000 per title) ....You and the artist gets ripped...... PBN


Well, I want to see if anyone reads the fine print…and apparently, no one does.

If serious and interested, let us know.


Factory SEALED Original Limited Edition 2007 Mini LP

Sleeve from JAPAN with 1 Disc total (CD x1) with OBI

“Latin Bugalu

10 Tracks



SOLD OUT = Out-Of-Print!

Many Counterfeits advertised and cheap - just Be Aware and Be Wary... = BeWArē!

Another Xcellent investment, due to the Culture and timely amounts of

Past Achievements of this High-Class Vocalist(s), Singer(s) and Instrumentalists / Players, however,

it is such a shame more do not recognize or are as

= woke” or “turned-on” or “hep” or “in-the-know” or or “non-ignant” = opposite of “ignant” or “just freaking AWaRe!

take ur pick.

Many authorized JAPAN Mini LP, as well as JAPAN Plastic Case CD s.

= (a big reason / factor for RUSSIA utilizing JAPANese CD s, is the availability of BONUS Tracks)

and low quantities pressed available for sale,

have been counterfeited by RUSSIA in large quantities.

- the funds obtained from selling counterfeit products directly harms the U.S. and our friends!

BeWArē of Counterfeits in GeNeRAL! = TOO Many ExIST!

Sorry, we can’t say it = ENOUGH!

SOLD-OUT = Out-Of-Print = OOP

Cardboard sleeve reissue release.

Comes with lyrics and a description.

Original Factory Sealed 2007 JAPAN CD in Mini LP CD Cardboard Sleeve

Original Limited Edition JAPAN 2007 CD in Mini LP Sleeve

Insert Notes

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S P P R T S. A. e l e r

Shipping from Japan, EU/UK or from ANyWHeRe with those flimsy single CD Mailers will result in

crushed CD pin holders and Creased Sleeve Corners,

and possibly cracked Compact Discs, it has happened to me

Our Mini LP CD's are shipped in high-quality, heavy-duty cardboard mailers,

not flimsy, thin, non-crack or crease protective, “weak cardboard” - sold as “easy fold-over GLUE JOBs”!

YOUR choice!

You get, what you pay for...oh, “FREE Ship”? no, you pay one way or another...

Do not risk receiving a creased Mini LP Sleeve or dented Corner or/with a cracked / broken CD, from long distance travel and inadequately protective packaging techniques...

that have many days with carriers that do not care about such parcels

it really is the amount of time spent in those uncaring hands for packaging and delivery.

There is a choice...look at the photos from my experience!

- the tan flimsy, thin GLUE JOB Mailer! = See last three (3) PHOTOS!

then at the beginning are our packaging in an 8inch x 8inch v 0.5inch heavy-duty Cardboard BOX!

Multiple Mini LP CD purchases are securely package together in a 6inch x 6inch x 2inch heavy-duty Cardboard BOX!

You will be “waiting for weeks to receive”... from the mouth of the carriers at low shipping costs.

DO NOT allow your Collectible Mini LP CD put in a “gluey – fold-over

- flimsy cardboard mailer or bubble wrap envelope” or worse,

one that does not protect, but it is cheap for shipping due to weight and size,

thus saving the seller $$ and you possibly ending up with a damaged Mini LP Sleeve and / or CD.

S P P R T S. A. e l e r

Catalog Number = BOM-24132

Original JAPAN Issue on Bomba Records , JAPAN

Factory Sealed in resealable plastic Sleeve covering (tamper-proof).

No RETURNS if our Music Items are “OPENED”,

Breaking = Opening the Sealed item

IS A Collector's Item

BeWArē of Counterfeits in GeNeRAL! = TOO Many ExIST!

Photos are representative of exact CD package you will receive.

- This CD is Authentic

(see photos above)

Domestic and International shipments MaY have Insurance applied

A Phone number for Customs and USPS online shipping form requirement is required to ship

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BeWArē of Counterfeits in GeNeRAL! = TOO Many EXiST!

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BeWArē of Counterfeits in GeNeRAL! = TOO Many EXiST!

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