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Vinyl: PINK FLOYD THE WALL ULTRASONIC CLEAN US 1st Pressing Roger Waters Gilmour PROG

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31 Dec 2017
21 Dec 2017
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United States
Pink Floyd
United States
New Age & Easy Listening
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Please read this entire listing. The records you are bidding on have been cleaned ultrasonically using my own refined process (feel free to ask for more info). Each record goes through a 45 minute process of cleaning, rinsing and drying for a dramatic difference in sound quality and increased fidelity in most cases. In some cases the deadwax will be much noisier. This is what the record sounded like prior to cleaning and is due to the record only going into the ultrasonic cleaner up to covering the last track. This is to make certain the label isn’t damaged. You are bidding on vinyl records from my personal ongoing collection (started in 1976). I will do my best to describe my records accurately. See my other auctions for more great vinyl.

The record(s) you are bidding on is play-tested and rated below . Please understand, just because it is ultrasonically cleaned doesn’t mean it automatically sounds brand new. It means it is extremely clean. A rated VG record will still have pops, ticks or crackle and not sound as good as one rated NM.

ARTIST – Pink Floyd

ALBUM TITLE – The Wall – PC2-36183



NOTES – Great Copy! Inner sleeves rate VG. Early US 1st Pressing. Matrix#’s – S1, T1 PAL-36184 ID TMLX / S2, T1 PBL-36184 IF TMLX / S3, T1 36185 IF TMLS / S4, T1 PBL-36185 IF TMLX.

Any questions, just ask. I rate loosely using the Goldmine Scale (Please see below for my grading explanations and terminology). Please keep in mind that different turntables produce different sound qualities and your opinion may differ slightly than mine. My rating of VG+ may be an EX to you and vice versa. I play test all my vinyl but do, on occasion, miss a flaw. My ratings reflect the actual sound of the vinyl in my opinion, on my turntables. If there is a major aesthetic flaw in the vinyl itself I will try and note it but I don’t note every little scuff or mark. To me, vinyl is about how the platter sounds, not how it looks (warping is the exception). Any known skipping, looping, spooning, warping or known issues will be addressed in the notes. PLEASE NOTE; when I say a record has an issue, that’s on my primary (Dual CS 503-1 at + 2.5 grams on my tonearm) or backup (Realistic linear track) TT. If you win an album with a disclosed imperfection, please don’t message me mad because it has that issue. Thanks. My feedback speaks for itself, bid with confidence. See my other auctions for more great vinyl.


Mint 10/10 – Vinyl still sealed, new in its original shrink wrap.

NM 9/10– Vinyl may have a light pop or tick here and there, not noticed during playback.

EX 8/10 - May have light pops and ticks throughout that aren’t readily noticeable, except between tracks or during soft passages.

VG+ 7/10 - Along with possible light noise throughout, moderate pops, ticks or crackle here and there that may be noticeable during playback. .

VG 6/10 – Along with possible light noise throughout, moderate ticks, pops or crackle as well, apparent during playback, but not overtaking the music. In my experience, the majority of vintage vinyl rates VG.

VG- 5/10 – Along with possible light to moderate noise throughout, loud pops, ticks or crackle present here and there, noticeable during playback.

G 4/10 – Loud popping, cracking or crackle throughout, heard during playback.

F 3/10 – Loud popping, cracking or crackle throughout, overtaking the music.

P 2/10 – Cracked or broken records that may have label value only.

F 1/10 – Melted vinyl that won’t even pass for a record and looks more like a bowl you’d put peanuts in to serve at a party.

Commonly used terms and their meanings.

DEAD WAX; The area on the record between the last song and label.

DEMO; Demonstration record, not commercially available.

DNAP; Does Not Affect Play

FIRST PRESSING; refers to the original version of any given record, usually the most rare and sought after.

GATEFOLD; An album cover that opens like a book.

INSERT; Posters, stickers or order forms for band memorabilia, originally included with the record.

LOOP; A skip that stops progression of the needle and plays the “same groove” over and over. Manual movement of the needle is required to continue play.

LP; long playing 33 1/3 rpm, most 12” vinyl records.

MATRIX NUMBER; The numbers, characters and writing in the dead wax, used to identify the individual records origin.

PROMO; A first pressing record, usually sent to and used by radio stations prior to the albums public release.

RE-ISSUE; A record whose original pressing plates have been destroyed and have been pressed with new plates.

RE-PRESS; A later run pressed from the original pressing plates.

SKIP; A jump in the needle over a groove or two that does not stop play.

ULTRASONIC CLEANED; A process whereby high-frequency sound waves create cavitation (bubbles) in a liquid bath of water and cleaning agents. The bubbles (cavitation) clean the record grooves and recesses in a minimally abrasive but powerful manner. S1, S2, T1, T2; Side 1, Side 2, Track 1, Track 2. So S1T1= Side 1, Track 1. Bid with confidence, check out my feedback! Buyer pays $5.00 USPS MEDIA MAIL anywhere in the continental USA for records up to 4. I will discount shipping for multiple listings. Double LP’s count as two for shipping purposes. If you win multiple auctions just let me know when you’re done. I will send you an invoice reflecting any shipping discounts. I pack well, using cardboard record mailers, always minding the corners. I ship (and store my own records for that matter) in a plain paper inner sleeve unless stated otherwise. Record and cover, including original inner sleeve and any inserts will be separate, inside a 3ml plastic outer sleeve to reduce cover wear, etc. The outer sleeve may show wear since I’ve owned some of these for years. Please clean all records by hand before playing. I accept PAYPAL ONLY. I will not accept any other form of payment. Thanks. I will leave positive feedback once I receive payment.