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Vinyl: David Bowie Vinyl Albums Collection

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12 Jan 2023
05 Jan 2023
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United Kingdom
David Bowie
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David Bowie Vinyl Albums Collection.

9 albums, 3 copies of Hunky Dory, 1 made in usa

Live at the Tower philadelfia. Double gatefold Album, 1974 mainman. RCA victor APL2-0771.

Cover and vinyl in good condition.

Aladdin sane, RCA VICTOR. Dynaflex made in Canada.

RS-1001. 1973. Lyrics on sleeve, mainman. Vinyl very good, sleeve slightly discoloured.

Diamond Dogs, RCA, NL 83889.

1974 ON VINYL, 1981 on cover!

Made in Germany

Vinyl and cover v. Good.

Heroes, RCA victor. PL12522, 1977.

Lyrics sheet. Cover and vinyl v. Good.

Let's Dance, EMI America, AML 3029, 1983. Lyrics sheet.

Vinyl and cover v. Good.

Hunky Dory, RCA victor. SF 8244 (LSP4623). 1971 Lyrics sheet, A gem production. Vinyl good, cover worn and needs re glueing.

Changes Two, RCA Bowlp3, mainman. PL14202 1981. Vinyl and cover v. Good.

Hunky Dory, SF-8244 (LSP 4623) Dynaflex, made in USA 1971.

Record is lighter and thinner than other copies. Lyrics sheet, gem production. Vinyl v. Good, cover needs re glueing.

Hunky Dory, RCA victor SF 8244 (LSP 4623) 1971 Gem production. Lyrics sheet. Vinyl good, cover needs re glueing.

All records have been cleaned with disco antistatic..

Please contact for any more info.