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Vinyl: The Smiths - Still Ill - 1984 UK Promo only (i.e., unreleased) 7" vinyl RT 61 DJ

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19 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021
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United Kingdom
The Smiths
Rough Trade
United Kingdom
Alternative/Indie 1980s
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I bought this as a collector's item from Probe Records, Liverpool (part of the same distribution group as Rough Trade), shortly after the debut LP came out.
I have never played it and it shows no signs of having been played before I bought it.

The run-outs are engraved with R DJ 61 A and R DJ 61 B.

As with all my Smiths records, this has been stored vertically in a closed cupboard for the last 30-odd years, in this case in a plastic sleeve.

It will be dispatched in robust packaging to ensure that it arrives in its present condition.