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CD: Hermann Nitsch-Eighth Symphony 2xCD Tochnit Aleph Austrian Avant-Garde 650 copy

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07 Jun 2021
28 May 2021
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United States
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Hermann Nitsch
Tochnit Aleph
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Hermann Nitsch-Eighth Symphony 2xCD Tochnit Aleph Austrian Avant-Garde 650 copy
'Buck-A-Disc' listing. Austrian Avant-Garde Composer Hermann Nitsch's 'Eighth Symphony'. an 80minute 'noise symphony'
(with Choir, orchestra & noise orchestra), captured in its first performance in 1990. the cortical foundation has issued this
a few times (mainly on LP), but this is the pressed CD version issued by Tochnit Aleph label (limited edition of 650 copies) in 2010.
comes in a 'fatboy' jewel box with both booklets (both small poster format, one with commentary/liner notes, other with partial score).
going for $27USD on

hello! for my last round of post-retirement Classical CD Ebay Auctions, I will be finishing off selling
off my collection of both modern, new music, electronic and avant-garde discs AND what is left of the more
'classic' music. I recently went back into storage and found about 3 1/2 more boxes of stuff to sell.
SO if you have been watching my auctions, please continue. I have about 2 months more to list. since its
a real mix of styles, if you don't see anything new listed that fits your tastes, just wait a day or so.
more will be listed almost every day.

Among the labels sold in this round: RCA Red Seal, Naxos, Mode, Harmonia Mundi, Montaigne, Wergo, Col Legno,
Hat Art, Centaur, MDG Scene, NEOS, and many more. All pieces are complete, unless stated. I will replace any
broken or cracked cases before shipping.

I usually ship media mail, if you want to use first class or priority, LMK and I will bill you accordingly.
I DO offer multiple-item shipping discounts, so please wait for invoice if you win more than one CD!