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Vinyl: Rare Beatles LP album with Press release & picture

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3,800.00 USD
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27 Dec 2015
13 Dec 2015
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United States
The Beatles
Capital T2047
Rock 'n' Roll
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This album has the original yellow/green press info sticker affixed to the cover. It was given to a CBS employee who actually picked the Beatles up at Idlewild (Now Kennedy) International Airport in Queens when the Beatles first came to the US. Included in this jacket is the press release of up coming tours, bio's of each member of the group and pictures. Everything is still in original package with the exception of one photo. From my research there were only 200 of these albums given to the press and most were given out at a Feb. 10th, press conference at the a Plaza Hotel in New York City. A similar item sold in E-Bay in 2013 for apprx. $3, 200 but did not include the press information.