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CD: Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy - 19130-2 50014 - Pressed in Japan - Rare - NM

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24 Nov 2015
15 Nov 2015
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Led Zeppelin
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Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy - 19130-2 50014 - Pressed in Japan - Rare - NM
Hi, Up for sale is a copy of Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy - 19130-2 50014 - Pressed in Japan - Rare - NM The CD is in NM condition very close to Mint !!!! Printed Media (Inserts) Front and back booklet is in Near Mint condition Sent in new case Sent Registered Post , combined postage may be possible, please message me for rates The Disc (CD) and the Printed Media (Booklets and back inserts) are graded separately. Grading displayed in the title as .../... lists the CD grade 1st and Printed media (insert) grade 2nd DISC (CD) GRADES SS (STILL SEALED) Factory sealed and never opened. Disc is assumed to be undamaged and mint, but this cannot be proven until the album is actually opened and the disc examined. NM (NEAR MINT) If a CD is opened, I will never grade it as Mint. Near Mint is the Highest grade I will give. The CD is virtually flawless. The CD has most probably been played once as it was being ripped onto a computer and returned to its case. EX or VG++ (EXCELLENT or VERY GOOD ++) This CD only has only extremely minor hairlines. The CD will of course... play absolutely mint. VG+ (VERY GOOD PLUS) There is some visible surface wear, very minor scratches and scuffs, but the CD will play mint. I do not sell anything below this grade Printed Media (Insert) GRADES SS (STILL SEALED) Album is still in the factory-applied shrink-wrapping. NM (NEAR MINT) The printed media (inserts) are in almost mint condition as good as it gets out of packaging. Crisp edges, no creases, virtually flawless - Some ultra light discolouration due to age is permitted EX or VG++ (EXCELLENT or VERY GOOD ++) Very minor signs of handling, very minor creasing, or bumps to corners is allowed. Very Very minor marking due to insert holder permitted VG+ (VERY GOOD PLUS) Shows some light use - bumped corners or slightly more pronounced creasing, but overall in very good shape. No ink or writing of any kind