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Cassette: Danzig 3 How The Gods Kill 1992 Box Set CD VHS Tape H.R. Giger Aliens Misfits

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49.99 USD
49.99 USD
12 Feb 2024
05 Feb 2024
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United States
United States
Rock & Pop
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Danzig 3 How The Gods Kill 1992 Box Set CD VHS Tape H.R. Giger Aliens Misfits

Used in good condition. Buying as is NO RETURNS UNTESTED

This limited edition box set is packaged within a cardboard long box that features raised and embossed artwork on the front. The art is courtesy of H.R. Giger, best known for designing the Xenomorphs from the Alien movie franchise.

The set is complete and includes a VHS tape of the uncensored "How The Gods Kill" music video and the CD of the album which features alternate artwork from the regular release.

Own a piece of rock history with this original 1992 Danzig III How The Gods Kill box set. Featuring a CD, VHS tape, and stunning artwork by H.R. Giger, known for his work on the film Aliens. This box set is a must-have for any Danzig fan who wants to own an authentic piece of the band's legacy. The music, from the genre of rock and pop, is still as powerful as it was in 1992 when it was first released, making this box set not only a collector's item but also a great addition to any music lover's collection. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to own a piece of music memorabilia from the United States.

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