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Vinyl: Nana Love When the Heart Decides RARE ORIG U.K. 1977 Golden Age 45 Afro-Funk EX

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12 Feb 2024
07 May 2023
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United Kingdom
Nana Love
Golden Age
United Kingdom
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Artist: Nana Love

Title: When the Heart Decides b/w Give Me the Chance

Label & Catalogue Reference: Golden Age GAM 01

Release Date: 1977

Country of Manufacture: U.K.

CONDITION (DISC VISUAL) EXCELLENT (This copy has been in storage for decades. It might have seen a single play. The surfaces are a little dusty but like all my items this has been graded under an intense light. Only the odd, ultra-fine hairline mark is visible. This is supplied in the original, plain white die-cut sleeve it was found in. A very, very nice copy!)

Other Details: Phenomenal piece of Afro-funk. This is the original U.K. Issue. Very rare and seldom comes up for sale.

GRADINGS – How I Grade

My items are visually graded under an intense light using my nearly 20 years of experience buying and playing records. I am a record collector first and foremost. I would say my grading is on the conservative side however, it is also realistic. Realistic in the sense that sometimes even brand new records are not immaculate. Some items are play-graded and where this is the case it will be noted in the Item Description.

GRADINGS - Description

MINT – If used to describe the condition of a record the item will be sealed. Mint will rarely be used to describe the condition of a sleeve however, it will mean the item is sealed and no storage damage is evident.

NEAR MINT – When used to describe a record it will mean that it is hard to discern that the disc has been played. When viewed under an intense light there might be the odd hairline mark however, you would really have to look hard for it. Ultimately, the vinyl will look like it has just been made. When used to describe a sleeve it will mean that the sleeve has no shelf-wear or storage damage. The sleeve will look like new.

EXCELLENT+ - There will be an indication that the record has seen some play but not heavy play. When viewed under an intense light only the tiniest, wispiest hairline markings will be present and not excessively so. The vinyl will retain a great sheen. A sleeve described as EX+ will display minimal shelf or storage wear including an odd crease or the stubbing of corners, slight fraying to the opening edge. Ultimately, the sleeve will still be a superior example.

EXCELLENT – There might be an indication that the record has seen a reasonable amount of play and handling however, it has been well looked after. Superficial surfaces scuffs may be present but no marks of real substance (i.e. which will affect playback). Under an intense light it is likely that a relative volume of hairline marks are present. A sleeve described as EX will display shelf or storage wear including creasing, loss of print (due to rubbing), possible stubbing of corners etc. The sleeve will not display any substantial flaws. Ultimately, it will be a solid copy.

VERY GOOD+ - I will rarely list vinyl for sale described as VG+. Any vinyl listed as VG+ will have a detailed condition description included in the listing. The description VG+ is more often used to describe sleeves. Often VG+ describes the condition of a sleeve which was of very cheap manufacture (think 1970s EMI sleeves or Polydor late 60s/early 70s) and therefore more prone to display the vagaries of time. A sleeve described as VG+ will not be a basket case. It will likely display a reasonable volume of creasing, a reasonable amount of rubbing/stubbing and possible the odd substantial flaw.


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