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Cassette: Melissa Etheridge Demo Tape - Almo Irving- Rare Item-5 Songs-Ready To love-+4

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24 Sep 2022
26 Aug 2022
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Melissa Etheridge
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Melissa Etheridge Demo Tape - Almo Irving- Rare Item-5 Songs-Ready To love-+4

For your consideration is a unique piece of rock history. Before Melissa Etheridge signed her first record deal she signed a song writing contract with Almo Irving Music Publishing. This cassette tape was created by Almo Irving to promote Melissa’s music and to help her get her songs published. There are 5 Songs written by Melissa Etheridge included on this cassette and also performed by Melissa as well. Her vocals are amazing as always on 5 songs:

1) “Ready to Love”

2) “Hearts and All”

3) “They Feel a Lot Like You”

4) “We Can Dance All Night “

5) “The Lonely Dancer”

Sound quality is very good for songs 1-4. After listening to song 4 there is a break in the tape before you get to song 5. Song 5 quality is not as good as songs 1-4 but still okay. Interesting enough “Lonely Dancer” appears on the 1987 movie, “Scenes From the Goldmine”

performed by Catherine Mary Stewart with Melissa Etheridge having the writing credit. This would mean more than likely this tape is at least 35 years old.

Tape has been tested and plays great. The label has some wear and bubbling in a couple of places and the cassette tape holder is worn and has some cracks. The cassette itself is in very good condition. There is a small piece of what maybe a piece of dirt in the tape window.

Lastly, I don’t know who previously owned this cassette. I have researched it to the best of my ability. It is Melissa Etheridge singing the songs she wrote. She had a documented song writing contract with Almo Irving and “The Lonely Dancer” appears on the “Scenes from the Goldmine” movie released in 1987.

Please message me with any questions.