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Vinyl: The Chemical Brothers - *Rare Surrender 3 LP Promo Copy Box Set 1999 Virgin*

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16 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022
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United Kingdom
Brand New
Chemical Brothers
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The Chemical Brothers - Rare Surrender 3 LP Promo Only Box Set 1999 Virgin. **Untested**

I’m not a professional, I dont own a record player. This item is visually inspected. I have taken pics of any defects I could, the vinyl appears to be in nice shape, you may find hairline scratches (prob from being taken in and out of the jacket over the years), these LP’s look like they need a cleaning more than anything as I seen a few fingerprints.The jacket seems ok too. I’m being as honest as I can as this item is untested.

I’m selling .99 no reserve for the above reasons. I can only assume sound quality may have affected, this is not a new item.

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