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CD: Frank Sinatra 24KT Gold Plated 45 New York, New York Limited Ed 1804/5000

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70.00 USD
70.00 USD
09 Apr 2020
31 Mar 2020
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United States
Frank Sinatra
Jazz & Big Band
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Great Vintage collectible, great for a man cave , bar or other

Frank Sinatra 1979 24KT Gold Plated Single New York New York Signed 1804/5000 with certification of limited edition. Framed 24 kt gold plated single & copyrighted photograph of Frank Sinatra is limited in edition to 5,000 and individually numbered at 1804/5000. This Frank Sinatra plaque bears the likeness of the signature mark of the artist. The item is unconditionally guaranteed as to its authenticity manufactured TM Sheffield Enterprises. The record New York, New York was recorded on September 19, 1979 at Reprise Records. Condition is good, nice metal frame