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8-Track cartridge: Beatles Butcher 8 track tape – sealed
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24.00 USD
24.00 USD
23 Jun 2017
22 Jun 2017
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United States
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The Beatles
8-Track cartridge
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Because butcher cover was never released as an 8 track
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Beatles Butcher 8 track tape – sealed

In 1966, the Beatles’ “Yesterday and Today” album caused world-wide controversy because of its infamous “butcher” cover. While, all original 8 track tapes were issued with the replacement “trunk” cover, one can only wonder what an 8 track butcher would have looked-like.

Wonder no more, folks! This high-quality hand-crafted fantasy cartridge illustrates what might have been had the butcher prevailed.

This amazing item features:

  • Brilliant, detailed graphics

  • Period-perfect label, shell, and sleeve

  • Shrink-wrapped for your protection

Makes a great gift – for yourself! Quantities are limited, so act now!

(be aware - actual music contained on this 8 track cartridge is not the Beatles).