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Vinyl: Ozzy Osbourne See You On The Other Side Autographed & Numbered Vinyl Box Set

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1,199.00 GBP
16 Apr 2021
02 Apr 2021
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United Kingdom
Brand New
Ozzy Osbourne
Black/Gothic Metal
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The complete vinyl works of Ozzy Osbourne’s original solo material in a Limited Edition & Numbered Vinyl Box Set.

Exclusively Includes:

16 albums on 24 unique hand-pressed splatter-vinyl LPs
Most albums previously unavailable and out of print on vinyl, including the new compilation “Flippin’ the B-Side”
Flexi-disc featuring never-before-released demo of “See You On The Other Side”
Individually numbered vellum certificate of authenticity personally autographed by Ozzy Osbourne
Ten 24” x 36” full size posters with vintage photos
Augmented reality triggers inside lead to rare live performances and exclusive video content
Release Date: 11/29/2019
Additional Details
Albums Included:
Blizzard Of Ozz (1 LP)
Mr. Crowley live (1 LP) *
Diary Of A Madman (1 LP)
Bark At The Moon (1 LP) *
The Ultimate Sin (1 LP) *
Tribute (2 LP) *
No Rest For The Wicked (1 LP) *
Just Say Ozzy (1L P) *
No More Tears (for the first time as a 2 LP set) **
Live & Loud (3 LP) *
Ozzmosis (2 LP) *
Down To Earth (1 LP) *
Flippin’ The B Side (newly compiled collection of non-LP tracks) **
Live At Budokan (2 LP) **
Black Rain (2 LP) *
Scream (2 LP) *
* Currently unavailable on Vinyl
** Previously unreleased on Vinyl