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Vinyl: ENYA Only Time / May It Be 45 MINT

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33.80 USD
33.80 USD
24 Apr 2020
04 Mar 2020
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United States
Brand New
United States
Dance & Electronica
Ambient Celtic Pop New Age
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ENYA Only Time / May It Be 45 MINT
  • This is an original 7" 45RPM, from 2001!

  • By: Enya

  • Titles: Only Time / May It Be

  • 45RPM Condition: NEW / MINT: New from manufacturer, shows NO signs of wear, just gorgeous (see pics)!

  • Label Conditions: NEW / MINT: New from manufacturer, shows NO shelf wear, writing, rips, stains, or stickers (see pics)!

  • Sleeve Condition: NEW / MINT: Stock white paper sleeve with NO writing, rips, stains, stickers, or split seams (see pics)!

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