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Vinyl: January 1964 Lost Beatles Interview On 10” EMI Custom Vinyl Record - Rare!

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22 Jun 2018
31 Jan 2018
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The Beatles
United Kingdom
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Bulletin From Britain

Episode 78 and 79

Featuring The Beatles

EMI Custom Australia - PR 3438

Bulletin From Britain was a British radio program made by the United Kingdom Information Service for the Office Of The UK High Commissioner In Australia. It was distributed to radio stations in Australia to promote all things British to the colonies.

It was hosted by Jacob De Vries who also did the on location interviews.

Track 4 on side two, episode 79, features a clip from their current single, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, and a fairly hilarious five minute interview with The Beatles, which also has some serious moments as John discusses future post-Beatles plans to go into the recording/producing side of the industry, and George (or possibly Ringo) discusses future plans of sailing around in a yacht.

You can read a transcript of the interview here;

Bulletin From Britain - The Lost Beatles Interview

However, the only way you can get to hear it is by buying this record.

Includes original UK Information Service information sheets describing the contents of the programs.

In original brown paper and plastic sleeves.

Record has been cleaned, it shows a few light scuffs, which don’t affect play, has some very slight surface noise.

Record condition is conservatively graded as very good plus - 8/10


$20.00 Registered Post Within Australia

$45 International Airmail to Asia, Canada, USA

$60 International Airmail to UK, Europe

Will be carefully packed and sent in a box, not a sleeve.