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CD: Original Slipknot demo CDs w/extremely rare promo photo & SR Audio materials

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17 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022
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United States
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Original Slipknot demo CDs w/extremely rare promo photo & SR Audio materials. This extremely rare collection is from SR Audio where Slipknot recorded their demo before signing with Roadrunner Records.
It includes the original promo CD of Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. released in 1996 and an even more rare pre-signing promo photo of the band. The CD is from the original limited run of 1,000, before the band signed their record deal, it is not a later reproduction/bootleg.

We've searched the internet and haven't found this original promo photo anywhere else. (Shown in a plastic sleeve. When you buy the photo you obviously can take it out of the sleeve and see all of the band without the reflections, but we'll only show it this way on Ebay to preserve the rarity of the image just for you.) This was sent out to record labels like Roadrunner as part of the original PR kit to get their first record contract. It definitely shows an earlier, less refined versions of the band's "personalities" compared to after they signed their recording deal.
Please note that the CD insert and the CD itself both have a clear label on them that says "Contact: Sean McMahon, SR Audio (515) 278-6336." (See close-up pic.)

We're also including another rare item... A demo CD from SR Audio that includes the songs Interloper and Carve. These are pre-release demos that, as far as we can tell, are different mixes than were released. These have a stick-on paper label. It is a demo burned at SR Audio. The song Interloper on this recording is 2:39 and Carve is 4:06 to compare to what is out there. NOTE: This demo CD is from 1996 before - Corey Taylor joined the band. Versions that were eventually released were evidently re-recorded to add Taylor. According to a Slipknot Wiki, Interloper is an early version of the song Diluted and Carve was reworked into the song Before I Forget. This Demo CD also includes two songs by the band Nephilim.

In addition, we have from that era a never worn large, black SR Audio promo t-shirt.

Plus we have a CD of local Des Moines bands produced at SR Audio titled "United Noise Federation: A Sampler" that includes the bands 12 Gauge Floss, Dredge, Inbred, Losing Nectar and Sinister Minister. (Also produced and engineered by Sean McMahon at SR Audio from 1995.) Please note that the insert has a small blemish in the lower left hand corner (shown in pic.)